Seismic Foundry Limited

Seismic Foundry

Capital Markets FinTech Fund

Seismic Foundry is an early stage Capital Markets Fintech Fund. We provide access to emerging capital markets fintech for individuals and financial institutions.

Who We Are

  • Five Partners with more than 140 combined years of Capital Markets experience
  • Experience at Senior Management level at Exchanges, Banks and Brokerage Houses
  • Significant Consultancy and Advisory skillsets

What We Do

  • SEIS FinTech Fund focused on Capital Markets Solutions
  • FinTech Partnerships with Start-Ups and Financial Institutions
  • FinTech News and Analysis

Why Now?

  • Global investment in Financial Technology (FinTech) Ventures in the first quarter of 2016 reached $5.3 billion
  • The percentage of investments going to FinTech companies in Europe and Asia-Pacific nearly doubled to 62%
  • New frontiers like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Blockchain are changing the way Capital Markets operate