Seismic Foundry Limited


The Seismic Foundry SEIS & EIS Funds have been established to invest in very early stage Capital Markets FinTech.

Seismic Foundry and the Partners are Appointed Representatives of SFC Capital Ltd.

Seismic Foundry leverages this regulatory partnership to provide strategic advice to start-up companies and our investors.

SFC Capital Partners FCA Firm Registration Number: 736284


  • Leveraging the Government Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) tax benefits for early stage investment
  • Identify potential SEIS investment opportunities in Capital Markets
  • Invest in multiple opportunities, in a Discretionary Fund, to take advantage of the huge shift in the use of technology in Capital Markets

Start-Up Companies

  • Seismic Foundry offers Start-Ups the opportunity to access smart investment funds
  • Once invested Seismic Foundry Partners will provide support and expertise to each company
  • Advice on Governance, Strategy, Sales and Networking to help optimise the chances of success


  • The opportunity for Institutions to engage with and co-invest in new technology start-ups, based on deal flow sourced and researched by Capital Markets experts
  • Sourcing deal flow, which is specifically targeted at our Institutional clients' business focus