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Seismic Foundry SEIS 2017/18 Fund


(RegTech- ML/AI)

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Platform that helps banks and financial institutions identify and reduce risks from misconduct. Enforcd is an innovative company that uses technology to aid regulatory compliance. Their flagship product is EDB – The Enforcement Database, which uses global regulatory enforcement data, related news and insights, statistics and analytics to help firms to identify, manage and mitigate the conduct risks they face. Enforcement cases are analysed and interpreted by in house legal and compliance experts, with direct enforcement experience. Staff in risk, compliance and legal functions will save time in their analysis of enforcement activity and be able to quickly embed the regulatory lessons contained in them into their own firm thereby meeting the expectations of the regulators.


(Unbundling of Research for Buy-side-ML/AI)

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KiteEdge is building Apex, a cutting-edge Search Engine designed for professionals that connects each person to their entire content universe by intelligently re-tagging information from ALL their licenced and free sources. This approach removes the need for logging into multiple vendor platforms, saving time, and helping to create Alpha through highlighting insights that would otherwise have been missed. Kite Edge are focussed on Asset Managers as: there is a regulatory tail wind; they have relationships at a senior level in the space; and there are high barriers to entry for legacy vendors.


(Chatbot/AI for Front Office)

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Lodestar's 'Lodebot' pulls enterprise data together and then acts as a digital assistant. It loads in trade history files from back office system, takes snapshots of CRM data using API's and absorbs any data from anywhere, all contained in a flexible, scalable platform using open technologies and delivered in a multi-channel way to users. It offers personalised dashboards for every asset, auto generates prioritised & personalised 'to do' lists, post trade analysis & advice, at your desk or on the move. It greatly improves productivity & management control, enhances client service, and reduces costs.


(RegTech- AI)

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AI, specifically NLP, that sits within existing systems and parses millions of pages of regulation to provide real time answers to queries. Waymark's Wayfinder is an AI that continually monitors and analyses regulatory changes, and makes recommendations to ensure compliance. Instead of overloading compliance officers, Waymark frees teams to focus on higher-order problem solving, and avoid paperwork burnout. Know more - Enhance the quality and volume of your expertise and the speed of training. Know before - Move faster than your competitors and adopt the right strategies for your clients. Impress your clients - Identify those clients impacted by new/amended regulations and be proactive in approaching them before they come to you.